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NOTE: While much of this information is from stuff in My Little Pony there is additional "headcanon" going on here that's based on possibly implied aspects of Ponies from the show or stuff completely made up by me (or other fans) where the show left blank spaces. This is just to keep everything on the same page in case you wonder about this or that choice or dialog said (or if you're not familiar with ponies). If the show directly contradicts with information here then I probably just need to update the information here because I'm all for canon information, the exception being Herdshire-Specifics.

This is all in respect to both My Little Pony but also, of course, Herdshire. I plan to make a Herdshire-based roleplay forum at some point (like as or after the Hurricane Hex arc finishes) so this has a lot to do with summarizing the species for that future endeavor. Any species I make up will be included in here too as if they exist normally.

Ponies split into three subspecies all of which are, of course, the most common species. Full grown, mares average at 42 to 48 inches (3'6" - 4'0"; 106.7cm - 121.9cm) tall at the top of their head and stallions average between 48 to 54 inches (4'0" - 4'5"; 121.9cm - 137.2cm). Ponies can come in any combination of colors (though usually they are bright colors) and a variety of markings (typically spots, socks, freckles) but are most commonly a solid pelt color though streaks or gradients of colors within the mane/tail is normal. Their hooves are hard but usually are not distinguished as a different color or body portion from the rest of the leg, though clear separation of leg and hoof is more found in Stallions.

All Ponies are born without a cutie mark, a symbol/picture on their flanks, but will gain them as they grow older. Cutie Marks are gained by realizing one's talent, specifically that the talent makes that pony special and excels (with passion or skill) over your average pony in that field, and realizes it is part of their destiny. The cutie mark's appearance reflecting what their most special of talents is. Thus ponies have a high value on knowing oneself, self-worth and the intertwining of dreams, passions and a pony's career.

Earth Ponies do not have wings or a horn however despite not having any fantasy anatomy Earth Ponies have a passive magic toward plants and animals showing up as making them more in tune with the wants and desires of plants and animals to make them flourish and be happy. This does make Earth Ponies some of the best farmers and cutie marks involved in animal care and farming/gardening is common for them but are still more varied cutie-mark wise than their Pegasus and Unicorn counterparts.

Earth Ponies are physically stronger than other pony species, specifically in their legs. They're generally better at lifting or pulling heavy objects, galloping faster, and staying active/running/lifting for longer periods of time, but this does varies pony to pony. Earth Ponies also have a prehensile tail, allowing them to manipulate things at a more fine-tuned scale than with their mouth, such as using a lasso.

Pegasus Ponies (Or Pegasi) have wings and are tuned in with weather. All Pegasi are able to walk on and manipulate clouds as well as (of course) fly. Pegasi have a passive magic much like Earth Ponies that allows the flying ponies to change the weather, giving this species full responsibility over manually changing sunny to rainy days, seasonal temperatures and also unusual weather like tornados or creating rainbows. When winter changes into spring, they're the ones that must guide birds back home.

Pegasus Ponies are light and quick ponies with a great sense of agility, but are not particularly weak either. The wings of a pegasus do however, hold most of their strength and will even participate in "wing ups" (push ups but using the wings instead) and dead lifting with the wings for training. Their wings can be flexible and strong enough to grip things such as Bits or Weights but are not always so dexterous. The origins of Pegasi is a bit militant and aggressive, it is not entirely the case anymore but Pegasi are certainly the more often hot-headed and competitive personality-wise. All this said, it should come as no surprise that Pegasus Ponies usually have Cutie Marks related to weather, flying or other feats of athleticism.

If there is one 'flaw' athletically for Pegasus Ponies it is that they cannot swim for long periods of time as their feathers can become waterlogged much like your average bird, leading to a Pegasus pony sinking in water and drowning.

Unicorn Ponies (Unicorns) have a single horn on their head and while they're notably the weakest physically, they're capable of actively using magic, arcane magic, unlike the other ponies. Their magic, usually, comes in the form of being able to use telekinesis as well as naturally learning one or two spells related to their Cutie Mark/Passion. An example of this being Rarity, a pony that makes high-fashion dresses commonly featuring gems so her magical spell is being able to detect gems from a distance and even when buried. Baby unicorns, without cutie marks, have surges of raw magic. In ancient times, Unicorns were responsible for controlling the sun and the moon though that responsibility is no longer theirs and hasn't been for well over a millennium. Unicorns of past and present are typically more intelligent than their counterparts which helps them compensate for their physical shortcomings.

A unicorn's horn glows when they use their magic and the glow typically matches their eye-color or a prominent color in their Cutie Mark. The color also relates to how powerful the magic of the unicorn is; a lighter shade signifying less power than a deeper shade of the same color. It should be noted that the unicorns magic does come from their horn and when their horn is compromised that a Unicorn's magic is weakened or is completely gone until their horn recovers.

Unicorns typically have cutie marks not related to athleticism, usually their cutie marks and passion revolve around some form of culture such as music, visual or performance art, writing, fashion or academia.

Alicorns are ponies that are usually at least slightly taller than your average pony but are identified by having both wings and a horn. Alicorns take up an almost god-like title by having incredible magic that can rarely be matched by any other type of pony or other species, though there are individual cases where even some ponies, specifically unicorn ponies, are on the same level as Alicorns magic-wise. There are four alicorns in total; one of Love, one of Friendship, one of the Day and one of the Night. Each one having a mastered understanding over what their talent (love, friendship, day, night) which can result in being able to move the sun and moon, or even settle down anger between two ponies. All current Alicorns are also Princesses, making the two words synonymous with each other. Alicorns are considered royalty, three of which rule over other pony kinds (though it should be noted that normal ponies can rule too as Kings and Queens).

All the methods of becoming an Alicorn are not known but one method that is certain is that an Alicorn can originally be any species of pony (not just unicorns) that grows a great understanding of something particularly magical such is the case with one Pegasus gaining a mastered understanding of love, resulting in her becoming an alicorn princess and eventually, the ruler over the Crystal Empire. Alicorns from this method seem to age normally but two alicorns, with origins unknown, are ageless.

Ultimately much is not known about Alicorns but what is certain is that they are deserving of your respect.

The only exception to all above is a false Alicorn created by magically merging together a pegasus and unicorn by sharing Pollux's Pear. A false Alicorn is still a very strong force but tend to have weak minds as they're the sum of their parts.

Crystal Ponies do not have wings or horns (unless possible through rare hybrids) but are very different looking from other ponies. They tend to have gradient colored manes/tails with smooth hair all which sparkles and is, in fact, slightly translucent along with the rest of their body. Their irises and pupils can have sharp corners to them, much like a gem, and the sparkles within their eyes tend to be gem-shaped as well. Despite their shape being very close to Earth Ponies, they do often match in physical strength but are in fact the strongest ponies both when in a collective and emotionally. Crystal ponies when downtrodden are weak and even lose their crystal-like qualities but when happy are not only sparkly but are able to reflect those emotions collectively into a power through a sacred Crystal Empire item called the Crystal Heart. Reflecting happiness through this allows them to protect themselves from harm. As such, Crystal ponies are rarely seen permanently residing outside the Crystal Empire.

Bat ponies (or Vampire Bat Ponies) can be born or created by magic and feature bat-like wings, shaggy hair specifically on their ears and, typically, fangs. Bat Ponies are much like Pegasus Ponies in that they can walk on and manipulate clouds but overall, do not have the same effectiveness with weather. Bat Ponies excel at night what with their night vision and will feed upon fruit by jabbing their fangs into the fruit and sucking out its insides. Bat Ponies tend not to ingest the skin or seeds and will spit them out. Bat ponies, unlike other ponies, enjoy resting upside down from trees.

These ponies will stay the same color they originally were if they were created by magic but typically born Bat Ponies are darker colors that match the night. Greys, blacks, purples and blues are common colors for their pelts but their eyes, while intimidating with slit pupils, are generally a more vibrant color like red, orange, yellow, pink, bright blues and bright greens, most common however is a shade of yellow.

Zebras are white, or light grey, with black or grey stripes all over their body and (typically short, erect) mane. They are the only non-pony that gets Cutie Marks, though theirs do not come in as much color as Ponies, typically Zebra Cutie Marks are simple and match their striping. Zebras are roughly the same size as Ponies though Zebra mares do not have as little of a nose as Mare Ponies do. Zebras physically are not as fast or as strong as Earth Ponies but excel greatly in endurance, being able to go significantly longer at a steady pace than the ponies can. They tend to bring that endurance into their passions and life too, making Zebras attentive and keen to the world around them. Zebras, like Earth Ponies, have a prehensile tail.

Donkeys are closely related to Ponies but do not have Cutie Marks or a strong sense of magic. They do however have physical prowess on their side, being able to do many feats that Earth Ponies can and then some, though Donkeys are not as fast as them. Even an old donkey can pull several times his own weight, a feat many young ponies trouble with, for long distances and time. Donkeys most commonly come in natural colors, only slightly leaning into unnatural colors like orange, pink or grey-blue, not being found in colors like green. Donkeys and Mules tend to be associated with ugliness by many ponies. Donkeys are the most common citizens beside Ponies found in Herdshire.

Like Donkeys, Horses are related to Ponies but have no Cutie Mark. They are however notably strong, outpacing ponies, though they do not have the endurance a Zebra has. Horses have a delicate and tall anatomy, very different from the ponies but can come in as many beautiful colors as Ponies do. Horses come mainly from the hot desserts of Saddle Arabia and thus are rarely found so far away from home in Herdshire.

Changelings are black (typically) maneless insect-like equines with gnarled horns, large fangs, holes in their legs and insect wings that buzz when in flight. Their horns, much like unicorn horns, are sources of magic and in the case of Changelings allows them to immediately transform into anypony they want flawlessly. They are predatory creatures that feed on loving creatures, they do so in many different methods including by transforming into somepony their target loves, slowly mind-controlling their targets into essentially being love-farms, by forcibly draining love from them or a mix of any of these. They may incapacitate their victims in green slimy pods.

When they drain love, the victims not only lose their love but lose energy, making the experience of a changeling feeding on you an unpleasant one. Changelings may keep victims alive in order to continuously feed on them like a parasite but once the victim is completely drained, Changelings are not beyond killing. Changelings do not have to eat as often as other equines and do not have to feed on ponies.

Changelings are very social creatures, staying close together and instinctively working well as a group or as a hivemind. Changelings are lead by a Queen, an individual much taller than the rest of her hive and has the responsibility of ensuring that her hive is fed and powerful.

Griffons look part Bird of Prey, part Feline. Typically part eagle, part lion. Their heads are bird-like with beaks, they feature feathered wings and their forelegs are birdlike. Their hindquarters, hind legs and tail making up the feline portion. Griffons commonly live beside and enjoy the company of Pegasus Ponies and like Pegasus ponies, can manipulate and walk upon clouds. They are very strong flyers and are physically taller than their pony neighbors.

Hippogriffs are a cousin to Griffons but do look quite different. Their bird-like portions tend to look more like insectivore or herbivore type birds and their backhalves are pony or donkey-like with the exception of their tail which is much like a bird. While Griffons tend to be natural earthy tones like brown, black, white and greys, Hippogriffs come in more color and variety. The Hippogriff is the same height as a pony and match agility and strength. Hippogriffs tend not however, to be as competitive or aggressive, they tend to be softer and put value on their voices. Hippogriffs are native to the island Herdshire is on called Neightucket.

Dragons are giant, fire-breathing, usually winged, reptiles that place an intense value on material objects. Dragons are not evil or predators of ponies, in fact they prefer eating gems the most, but can be hot-tempered, territorial and thus dangerous. Dragons hatch from eggs, grow very slowly and live a very long time. 100 years is beauty sleep to a dragon. However a dragon can magically grow significantly quicker if its greed is encouraged, the more items a dragon hordes, the bigger it will grow. A dragon with a large horde of items can easily be the size of a castle.

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